Off The Shoulder Black Dress


Growing up I hated dresses but do you want know what I hated even more?  Exposing my arms, shoulders and legs- or any skin to be honest. Now that I'm contemplating the whole scenario from my past, I don't know what made me think like that. Obviously it was part of my insecurities...but to be honest it was more like a phobia. The point is that, today I can happily say that I was able to overcome that mentality. Now I'm a completely different person, I looooooove wearing dresses and skirts, specially for work. It's weird... I used to dislike them and now I can't seem to live without them. 

 Dresses make me feel like a I'm free, and very feminine.  This summer I bought this Off The Shoulder Black Dress from Zara. When I saw it on the website I was like "Mmm, I like it...I'll give it a try" - it turned out to be amazing, the only down side was that I never expected the dress to be so short on me. I'm not a giant, I'm 5'8 and if I lift my hands you can totally SEE ME - if you know what I mean. However, the design is beautiful, specially the sleeves! and of course, the ruffles give it a nice touch. 

Did you have any phobias growing up like I did?