New Start

Hello...we meet again. 

I can't believe it's been six months since I posted something here...ugh, what a same. I wish I could have a strong reason to explain my absence but I do not. My camera was broken, does it count?

At least I can tell you that my life has been a roller coaster these past couple of months, I had some new ups and new downs! Nothing really drastic, though, but this time my heart is learning to accept those experiences with gratefulness. You see, last week I had an unrequested mini-vacation so I thought to myself "Why don't change the whole look of your not-so-personal-visual-journal"? so I did. I gave it a revamp to lift my spirit and I guess move on from things that were holding me back. And oh boy it did, It felt amazing to give it a new appearance.

Here it comes the funny part...u ready?

While I was trying to modify everything I unconsciously deleted my previous content. Everything just went pfff, gone! No goodbyes, no warnings, no last chances. How dramatic. I literally lost everything I had on this platform. Hilarious. However, I'm fine fam!!! I'm actually more than fine because It didn't hurt whatsoever. If you didn't know, I get attached to things easily. I was genuinely able to embrace this situation with peace and new perspective. 

I feel like God is giving me second chance...and thankfully not only in this area of my life. What can I say? My soul is eternally grateful.

-Lets try this one more time, ok?