Karolayn Corzo is a visual artist located in the sunny Miami but originally born in Venezuela.

She is known for being a woman-of-all-trades, specially for creating powerful content with appealing visuals and compelling stories. 

Since her digital beginnings in 2014, Kay has worked collaborating with different creatives and has become a reliable source for many artists looking for a fresh point of difference and skill sets.

Kay can often be found discovering new places, wearing stripes or holed up in the kitchen making smoothies while obnoxiously singing.

Besides photography and design, Karolayn loves to work with clients — both big and small — in need of creative consulting.

“Welcome to my spot on the internet. This is where I collect memories and fuse all of the things I’m passionate about into a visual outlet. Certainly, a platform where I try to push and motivate my community through my work. I want to inspire, help and encourage people to be genuinely who they are called to be.” - K

Video + Photography + Graphic Design + Creative Consulting